I retired from a proper job in 2006 only to take up menial employment shortly after, by  running a B&B with my wife, Irene.

Overnight I went from being a fairly well respected consultant, to an ordinary Joe as waiter/toilet and bathroom cleaner/assistant bed maker/kitchen assistant/comic.

I have recorded some of our strange and unexpected experiences in a book that has just been published, ‘Ten Commandments for Bed & Breakfast Guests’ – see below.

Before retirement my ‘career’, after a fairly steady start, looks like it was cobbled together from a few different CVs – clerk, slightly more senior clerk, top notch clerk, Personnel Director before they downgraded the name to Human Resources, Advertising and Marketing Director, Partner in a management training outfit and owner of a small B&B.

I have written a number of short stories and non-fiction articles some of which have been published, and I’m planning to coral some of the better ones into an anthology.

I am also working on a novel that is a humorous ‘whodunnit’, a genre not often seen, probably for good reason.

No-one would enjoy looking at a picture of me today, so I have posted one I took earlier (very much earlier).

The Book

Have you ever stayed at a B&B? A quick look at the reviews on, say, Trip Advisor and you have as much information as you need.

This book is different. It looks at what it is like ‘on the other side of the pinny’.

It’s intention is not to help you choose or run a B&B but to amuse and entertain with an account of the strange and bizarre people or events encountered by David and Irene Hemmings when they opened their door to strangers aka ‘guests’.

Based on that experience if they were to start another B&B now they would be tempted to pin a copy of the house rules to each bedroom door. They would be called the ‘Ten Commandments’. To see an extract click here, or go to Amazon: