Happy New Year?

Fragments of memories keep intruding. Memories of the kind you want to forget, like embarrassing sex moments when you were a teen. But when I opened my eyes, 2016 hadn’t gone away. It wasn’t a dream, it was all too real. We really did want to leave Europe; we really did want to pay more for everything; we really did want Trump.

The Guardian newspaper, on New Years Eve, tried to put on a brave face and persuade us that there was some good news. Apparently C02 emissions had levelled out over the last three years. It would have been nice to read that they had declined, but that was too much to hope for, as we released 40 gigatonnes into the atmosphere. There is also the small matter of a rise temperature of the Arctic cap of 20C. That would be like peak temperatures in the UK of 45 degrees.

Still, we only need to cut emissions by 80% to get global warming under control. Simples.

Otherwise there has been a global rise in life expectancy of 10 years since 1980, UK crime rates are at their lowest level since ’81, and those in poverty across the world have halved since ’93.

Meanwhile, we still have Brexit and Trump.

For Trump we have diplomacy by Twitter. He is currently circling Putin, trying to float like a bee and sting like a butterfly, but has been outmanoeuvred fairly easily. Apparently, Trump still favours dropping sanctions against Russia but the rest of his Party want a harder line. Could this be a problem for T & P’s love affair? Trump may even be persuaded by the FBI and CIA’s evidence of cyber wickedness against the USA, even if to do so means accepting he had a little help from his (Russian) friends to get where he is today. Or possibly not.

So, hello 2017. What have I got to look forward to? The imminent arrival of another year to be added to my age; the imminent arrival of some painful, and painfully expensive, dental work; the hope that no more of my body parts cease to work and the untenable hope that someone other than friends and family buys a copy of my book, and that hose who have bought it (no doubt out of kindness or my threats) give me a review, even a half hearted one.

Finally, I must invest more energy in getting some more followers as it does feel as if I’m shouting at myself in an empty room.

Author: catch22andahalf

I’m retired, a grumpy optimist, writer, and shallow humourist. Before retirement my ‘career’ looks like it was cobbled together from a few different CVs - clerk, slightly more senior clerk, top notch clerk, Personnel Director before they downgraded the name to Human Resources, Advertising and Marketing Director, Partner in a management training outfit and owner of a small B&B

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year?”

  1. Brexit and Trump could well be rounded such as rocks under the relentless force of waves. The thing about books (I wrote 3 and sold 1 and am perversely proud of that) and blogs is that they do not go away, thus you made the effort and you and your work now belong to the ages and who knows where that will lead to?
    So title of book and genre?


    1. Thanks for your comments. You can find the book on Amazon, just look for ‘Ten Commandments for Bed & Breakfast Guests: A glimpse of Life Behind the Pinny.’ Genre? As humorous as I could make it. The detail listed on Amazon should tell you enough and you can sample the pages.

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  2. I am waiting for my copy to arrive as we speak and there is much excitement and anticipation surrounding it. I am informed that it will arrive on the 8th January, which seems fitting.
    As for shouting in an empty room, never fear, “Rome was not built in a day”. I anticipate that 2017 will bring great numbers of followers flocking to the city gates and with it much prosperity! Happy New Year.


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